• Reservations are free to make, cancel or change.
  • Any reservation may be canceled/rescheduled due to unforeseen events (eg. bad weather).
  • Payment is not required until after your ride and can be in the form of cash, credit , or gift card .
  • Walk ups are also accepted when we are open and have enough horses for everyone (It's strongly advised to call first).
  • If there are no early or late reservations, we will not be at the beach during that time.

Cancellation/Late policy

  • Reservations can be canceled or rescheduled at any time.
  • The earlier we are notified about changes to your plans the better.
  • If you are late for your scheduled ride we may have to reschedule for a different time or day.
  • If you are running late please notify us immediately! We will let you know if the ride must be rescheduled or if we have room for flexibility that day.

Sunset Reservations

  • Sunset rides are private, after hours, and require a reservation (No walk-ups).
  • The price for the private sunset ride is fixed. If you decide to shorten the ride, the same fee applies.
  • Private Sunset rides must be confirmed the day of your scheduled ride by 12:00 PM. Please call (409)256-0663 or email to confirm or cancel your private sunset ride.
  • Unconfirmed sunset reservations will be canceled after 12:00 PM. (This rule is in place to allow for continued free reservation services). Thank you!

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