Simplified Directions:

Take I-45 South until it ends at Seawall Blvd.

Take Seawall Blvd. East (left) until it ends.

Take a right onto Boddeker Rd. and continue until it ends at East beach.

Enter the park and follow the far East pole-line (left) until it ends at our stables


We are located inside East Beach Park, Close to the Shoreline, on the East side of the Park

Starting on I-45 South:

1. Stay on I-45 South which turns into Broadway, which meets Seawall Blvd (at 6th street).

2. Slight left onto Seawall boulevard east bound (straight through the 6th St. light and veer left onto Seawall)

Note: You will see the Stewart Beach entrance directly ahead of you.

3. Continue on Seawall past Stewart Beach, heading east, until the road ends at Boddeker Road.

4. Turn right onto Boddeker Road and drive until the road ends (1 mile).

Note: The small stretch of beach parallel to Boddeker Rd is not East Beach. Keep going.

5. you will arrive at the East Beach entrance after 1 mile.

6. If you are at the East Beach entrance, facing the water, look to your left towards the shoreline. We are located to the left of the entrance, on the Southeast end of East Beach, directly behind the first lifeguard tower (Tower 1).