Meet The Horses

Blue Eyed Peponito

Breed: American Quarter Horse/American Paint Horse
Age: 8
Height: 15.1 hh
Color: Buckskin paint
Certified Police horse, Trail guide, cutting bloodline
This horse is not afraid of anything or anyone and he is great at his job! He is a police officer through and through, his presence demands respect. Pep and Pete have been partners since 2011 and they are one and the same.

Sonny Boy
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Age: 10
Height: 14.3 hh
Color: Palomino
Certified Police horse, Trail guide, Ranch versatility show horse
Sonny is a very spirited, amazing animal! He will do anything that is required of him with gusto. He loves life and he loves his partner in crime (Diane). Diane and Sonny have been partners since 2009 and they are inseparable! 

Breed: American Quarter Horse
Height: 16 hh
Past history unknown; New future very bright! 
Trigger is our newest trail guide and mounted police horse prospect. He will be sharing the responsibility of leading the trail horses and he has settled right in to his new position. He has a very level head and always willing to work.


Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter 
Age: 12
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Paint
Scout was a family horse that was a mismatch for the family that he belonged to. They thought he had potential as a trail horse & they were right! he loves the beach and has become a very good addition to our family. He will make many people very happy!

 Breed: American Quarter Horse/American Paint Horse
Age: 7
Height: 15 hh
Color: Paint 
Soopy is a beautiful blue eyed paint. He is a very old soul who is good at working smart, not hard. He can double as a guide or trail horse and is very photogenic in photo-shoots. 

Age: 6
Height: 13 hh
Cowboy is a big puppy dog. He loves attention from any and everyone. He is our youngest trail horse and is a little spoiled. His attention span is still short so he requires an intermediate rider to keep him moving in the right direction.     

BreedAmerican paint horse
Age: 8
Height: 14 hh
Kimber is one of our best trail horses, he is easy for a beginner and fun for an advanced rider. He will be whatever his rider wants him to be and he loves the water! 


BreedAmerican Quarter Horse/Arabian
Age: 11
Height: 16 hh
Duke is a gentle giant. He is a rescue who has endured a lot of turbulence his past life. He is a very special soul who we love dearly. it is amazing what a loving horse he has become, after what he's been through. Duke is a slow easy going guy who enjoys eating and long walks on the beach.

Age: 10
Height: 16.1 hh
Blaze is a rescue that was originally slaughterhouse bound. His previous history is unknown. We believe that he was originally trained in an English discipline but he loves the relaxed Western style, and is happy to walk calmly up and down the beach all day.

BreedMissouri Fox Trotter 
Age: 12
Height: 16 hh
Midnight is a rescue that was originally slaughterhouse bound. We were told that he was once used in parades. He came with many health and feet issues as a result of his past neglect but he's well worth it! He is a large, gentle, quiet horse that loves attention! He is proving to be a great horse for all ages and levels of experience. He takes very good care of children & beginners. 


Breed: Paint
Age: 6
Height: 15 hh
Color: Tricolor paint
Bullseye is the newest addition to the family. He is a stunning tricolor paint gelding with one blue eye. Bullseye is an exceptionally level headed and reliable horse, capable of managing himself in just about any situation. He was originally started as a cow horse but failed to make the cut for conformation reasons. Bullseye may not be perfect but he's perfect to us! 

BreedMiniature Horse
Age: 6
Height: 32 in
Princess stays true to her name. She is a diva to the bone and demands to be the center of attention! Kids love her and she loves them!

BreedShetland pony 
Age: 5
Height: 42 n
Pumpkin is quite the gentleman. as long as he is getting attention, he is happy. 

Retired Horses:

Sudly & Sugar


Sugar and studly were among our founding trail horses. They came to us together, have lived there entire lives together, and have retired together. At the ripe young age of 25 these two horses have put in there dues and are now living with a retired couple. They will live out the rest of there days in a lush green pasture, enjoying occasional trail rides through the woods with there new family. And they lived happily ever after!